Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday James turned 5! My sweet 5 year old requested McDonalds for his birthday meal. Try as I might, he could not be dissauded! Mmmm....nothing like McDonalds for a special meal. WE will have his party in two weeks...bowling.

Today is Thanksgiving. We are home alone as a family minus 1. Michael flew to Alabama to meet his girlfrineds family. It's sad he isn't here because I really miss him lately...he is busy being 21 and making his way through life. He was excited about meeting her family and they will go to the college game today.
Andrew is working until 7 so we are having a late Thanksgiving dinner. I made eggs benedict for brunch(think this might be a fun new family tradition?) and will start cooking at 2.
We had planned to go to my Dad's, then my Mom's. Mom is really ill. She has been hospitalized twice this month. She has a blockage caused by a recurrance of ovarian cancer. She started chemo last week. I went down alone and planned to take everyone down for the holiday. Our plans changed when I came down with a nasty cold:( We are here now, having our own little day.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day wherever it may take you. I am thankful for those in my life that teach me, love me, guide me, challenge me and hold me dear. You are all important to me and I hold each of you dear.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

That must be hard...

James and I were watching a tv show and there was a pregnant woman. On it. WE've had many discussions about living in Mommies tummy over the year and my boys are quite familiar with he fact that babies grow for many months in their Mommies before coming into the world. This must have been something on James mind for a while...

James: "Mommy, we watched a show and it said babies are dropped off by birds. Isn't that silly? Babies live in Mommies tummies, right?"

Me: "Right, James. That is silly."

James giggles.He is clearly thinking something over. James is very serious about getting all the correct info.

James: "But Mommy... How do babies get out of Mommies tummies?"

Me: Thinking quickly about how I want to handle this... "They come out of Mommies Vagina's." Hoping that he takes it at that without much more info for the time being!

James: After looking perplexed for a few seconds "That must be hard"

Me: "Yes, it is"

That was that:)