Monday, August 31, 2009

Kindergarten for James

Last Monday my tiny 5 year old started Kindergarten. He was excited and ready. Much readier than I was!
On Sunday night I told him. "I loved you so much when you were a baby and I will love you just as much when you are big". He said he loved me too and put his pajama's on. I can remember very clearly when Michael and Andrew were tiny boys...they grow up so quickly.
At school the next morning he seemed so happy. We were allowed to walk him to class every day and he didn't look nervous. He was named table captain on day two and was very proud and told us all about it. He bought his lunch on Friday and told Stephania what he ate when she picked him up. They were released at noon last week and he told us he wished he could stay all day.
Today I took him to school. We were rushing because I was running late. I forgot to tell him that from now on parents are not allowed into the cafeteria or to walk them to class.
At the door I said " Mommy has to stop here" He looked nervous. I bent down and kissed him.
He walked to his table and sat down. He looked out into the entry where I was still standing, I waved. When he stood up to walk to his room he looked again and I waved to him and managed a smile, he waved back. I was trying very hard not to burst into tears, though a couple slipped out.I waited until I walked in the door and saw his pj's on the floor to really cry:(

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A boating we will go:)

It is a project boat and it is beautiful. 21' Pleasure craft. My husband has wanted one for years as he grew up deep sea fishing and this just was too good a deal to pass up. We are storing it at my Dad's as he has a huge horse barn and room for the "project".
We are excited about the time we will spend on our remodeling:) The boat is in great condition and just needs a little love and updating.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Update on James

Have I mentioned how well James is healing! His jawline is so defined now...I am continuelly amazed by this sweet little boy! There is no sign at all of the mass that stormed into my life at 28 weeks gestation.
We were in the car the other day and James was talking about going to Galveston with my soon the be nephew, Cade~:)~
James stopped and said: We had to go there because I had to have surgery.
Cade: You had surgery?
James: Yes
Cade: Why did you have to have surgery?
James: I had a Malformation.

Simple as that. "I had a Malformation."
Sweet boy...if only you knew how long a road this has been! You did so great! We are proud of all you went through and most of it was just second nature to you!

WE are so Thankful to have found Dr. Edmonds!


James(and very recently Gavin) love to play computer games. James is really good at them and a single game can last way. too. long! If asked to remove himself from the game, crying and hysterics often insue.
I have discussed addiction with him. I have told him I am concerned that he has developed a computer game addiction and we may need to do an intervention(this is of course not serious~I know it's pretty normal child behavior).
I am very attached to my e-mail and to several boards on the computer. I check them frequently(okay...maybe he gets it from somewhere~hmmm...)
Yesterday I was on my e-mail.
James: How long are you going to be on your e-mail?
Mommy: A little bit longer
James: You know some people do have an addiction to e-mail. I think you might have an addiction.
Mommy: LMAO~James you are so funny!
James: It's true, Mommy. You are addicted to your e-mail.

Hmmm...I might need to try a different tactic:)