Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where did it come from

James likes to ask "Wher'd it come from" about everything lately. It's really sweet that he is so inquisitive and in that "learn about the world" phase. I have to say it's hard to come up with answers sometimes. "Where'd the car come from, Mommy", Where'd the cheese come from?" "Where did the house come from?", Where did my shirt come from", Where did Heidi come from?"(our dog). These are just a few of today's questions.
I walked into the living room on Sunday and James was playing with a new toy school bus we got at the grocery store. He was driving it around and said "Look Mommy, my bus is driving in the water. " I said "Where'd that water come from, James? " He looked up and smiled at me and said "My penis!" I had to giggle.
Boys are amazing beings! What a fun age.