Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little Poem by moi for those normally on my card list!

Just because we didn't
send a card to you this year
Doesn't mean we think any less of you,
in fact, we hold you in our hearts or think you dear!

The plain and simple truth of it,
the honesty, we fear;)
Is time just got away from us
This lovely(but busy) time of year.

So with profound love and joy,
And happiness we pray
Have a very blessed Christmas
and truly Happy Holiday!!!

With thoughts and prayers for
Peace, joy, and love!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,
Happy New Year and all of that stuff.

Much love,
The Tate's
Amy, Jim, Michael, Andrew, James, and Gavin

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sad news today

The news was not good today at the Dr's visit. The chemo is not working and the Dr. asked if Mom wanted to start Hospice. Mom is wanting to give one more chemo a try but the Dr said that is is unlikely the cancer will be responsive.
Mom is saddened but ready to move on. She has been so sick these last months and I believe feels somewhat at peace. I am very sad and though not surprised, doing my best to move forward as well. Of course we can still all pray for a miracle!
I break into tears thinking of how much I will miss her if she passes. I love talking to my Mom about my kids,new things in my life and any stresses I have. My Mom is who I turn to most for talks...I know she is always there.