Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A long time

It has been a long time since I sat in front of this screen. My Mom's birthday ws March 4, I had a dream I don't remember of her. In this dream it was peaceful and I did not cry. I woke up feeling ok, no tears or sobbing, just wishing I remembered the dream. I met a friend for coffee and cried a bit, but not the whole day.
Losing your Mother is a pain like no other. I will not call it the worst pain because losing a child must be unbearably difficult and the most unfair thing, but losing your Mom is deep and gut wrenching. For most of us it is inevitable that we will outlive our parents, but sometimes it is just cut far too short.
I went to a lovely funeral today for my brother in laws Mom. Tom(my brother in law) gave the sweetest speach. I watched the children of this Mother who passed too soon speak, and I was reminded of my sweet Mom. It is sad to see others starting this cycle of grief. All too familiar.
My parents(sometimes I feel funny when I write parents now that Mom has gone, but my stepmom has been very much my parent since I was 9) came over for the funeral. We spent a bit of time together talking.
We leave for Disney World on Friday morning. The boys have been counting down the days.