Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Month

Wow. I am either really bad at blogging or really busy...maybe it's a combination.
June is incredibly busy for us. We headed to the beach at the end of May into June for James follow up appt.
Our Galveston mini beach trip was fun! WE started with a horrible case of misleading advertisement and subsequently dangerous and under construction condo followed by a safe but 1970 esque condo. WE sepnt most of the time at the beach and searching for sea creatures with the Broyles coustins(Madison, Austin, James and Gavin were so cute and had so much fun!). The water was amazingly clear and it was hot but very breazy~perfect weather.
We drove back to Houson on Monday for our appt w/ Dr. Edmonds. After the huge reaction James had to the procedure we wanted some good news and we got it. Dr. Edmonds felt that James was doing remarkably. The next procedure was scheduled for 6/23 at 7am. Nothing like Houston in the summer!
Gavin's birthday~my sweet little one~was 6/22. He is 4 now. Sweet Gavin. He was laying in bed with me on his birthday and he said: "I'm big now, I'm not a baby" No you probably aren't officially a baby, but you are my baby! His birthday party is Sunday 6/28. He was so tiny so little time ago!
We drove to Houston(again) at 3am on Tuesday mroning for our 7am visit to Texas Children's in Houston. There was just one tiny pocket left so rather than sedating James he had the option of having his neck numbed while the needle aspirated fluid from the pocket and then inject the OK-432. He was so sad that any needles were involved but chose to not have the IV. We couldn't be in the procedure room, but the nurse and child life specialist were very comforting and about 45 minutes later he was all done. He has had very minor swelling so far so we are hopeful that it was such a small pocket in the mass, that this will be an easier recovery. It was well over 100 on Tues in Hosuton so we decided not to try to do anything outside~James had hoped to go to the zoo.
Michael has a gig on 6/27. Funk Dirty is a band of really talented musicians. They play Jazz/ funk and Michael is the vocalist. Some of my family and my team from the store are coming to see him play. My Mom is coming up and will go with us to watch him as well. His birthday is 6/29...time just flies.
I'm so happy she is doing well enough to come "visit". She has chemo on Wed, but we'll have some time to do some fun things.