Thursday, July 31, 2008


The boys made it through VBS. They had a great time w/ Noni and at school. I went down and got them, came back, worked a few days, and we went on...
VACATION! We left Tuesday night and spent the night with my Mom in Austin.
We went to Sea World and the River Walk in San Antonio for 3 glorious days. I say glorious b/c it was not BURNING H.O.T. Hurricane Dolly blew some rain in.
The rain didn't arrive until late afternoon of day 1. WE were at Sea World waiting in line for James first water slide~when lightning struck. We'd had a couple drizzles throughout the day, but this closed up shop. We were able to feed the dolphins, ride some rides(James rode his first big boy roller coaster), play in the kids area, sea a "piggy" sea lion, and ride the rafting ride...but no water slide. We saw Shamu's big show after it cleared off.It was only about 75 in the late afternoon and remained in the high 70's until day 3.
Day 2 we explored the whole river walk. Our hotel was right on the we trekked down to the major area, ate, explored and then did some shopping after being stuck under the bridge next to St. Anthony(San Antonio's namesake) during a huge downpour. We got stuck for 30 minutes, but the rest of the day was wonderful, even finished the day with a swim.
DAy 3 we had lunch on the riverwalk again and then took the River Cruise. It was fun and the kids enjoyed the boat.
We headed to DeLeon on Friday afternoon. My siblings and I were throwing a "surprise Bday party", I use the term surprise loosely. It was a great weekend and we came home late Sunday night.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My house is kid free tonight. James and Gavin are in Austin for VBS w/ my Mom until Friday. I'll go down to Austin Thursday morning and spend the night and we'll come home Friday evening.It is soooo quiet!
This morning Gavin told me "I will miss you" when he woke up. I'll miss them, too but will enjoy the adult time!
They both helped pack their bags. They each decided to take a backpack and stuffed a couple tings in them. James put an apple in his, but decided to take it out and eat it 5 minutes later. I need to tell my Mom to take the grapes out~they might get a little yucky.
I had dinner with Michael and his girlfriend, Erica. They picked me up from work and we went to Taco Diner. They decided to take me by Andrews girlfriend's(Zoia) new place on the way home. It was a nice visit w/ all.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Michael's home

Today we mad a trip to see Michaels new apt.He is very excited and was happy to have the kids come. He even offered to watch the boys some evenings.He gave us a tour:)

James and Gavin miss him terrible. A month or so ago we were on our way to pick him up. He had been staying at a friends apt every night.
James asked: "When is Michael coming home?"

Mommy: " Well sweetie, Michael probably won't come home. He is getting his own apt."

James: "Never?" Rubbing his eyes:(

Mommy: "Does that make you sad?"

James: " Yes" Now crying.

Mommy: "It makes Mommy sad, too" Wanting to cry, too!! "But you can go visit and spend time at Michael's apt"

Michael got in the car and I told him. He was sweet and told James he could come anytime. He's making good on his promise now, but we're still sad.

WE love you, Michael. Congrats on your first real place of your own!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hope you had a great 4th!

Happy belated indepandance day! Although, can that really be belated as the point is, we are our own country??

We had a lovely afternoon/evening. Jim has a friend w/ a lakehouse where you can truly see 3 sets of city displays, set off your own fireworks and feel the cool breeze of the lake in July! Awesome spot and very generous of the Kams to host every year. I have not been going because the babes have been so tiny, but they did well and I plan to go every year now. Maybe even make a cake next year:)

In other exciting news, James taught himself to swim! He has been practicing in the tub for a while now. We went to the Addison fountains and while there decided he would not only practice putting his head under, but teach himself(rather remarkeably) to swim under water! Go James

We had a lovely day there. Even took the dog:)