Monday, July 07, 2008

Michael's home

Today we mad a trip to see Michaels new apt.He is very excited and was happy to have the kids come. He even offered to watch the boys some evenings.He gave us a tour:)

James and Gavin miss him terrible. A month or so ago we were on our way to pick him up. He had been staying at a friends apt every night.
James asked: "When is Michael coming home?"

Mommy: " Well sweetie, Michael probably won't come home. He is getting his own apt."

James: "Never?" Rubbing his eyes:(

Mommy: "Does that make you sad?"

James: " Yes" Now crying.

Mommy: "It makes Mommy sad, too" Wanting to cry, too!! "But you can go visit and spend time at Michael's apt"

Michael got in the car and I told him. He was sweet and told James he could come anytime. He's making good on his promise now, but we're still sad.

WE love you, Michael. Congrats on your first real place of your own!

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