Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hope you had a great 4th!

Happy belated indepandance day! Although, can that really be belated as the point is, we are our own country??

We had a lovely afternoon/evening. Jim has a friend w/ a lakehouse where you can truly see 3 sets of city displays, set off your own fireworks and feel the cool breeze of the lake in July! Awesome spot and very generous of the Kams to host every year. I have not been going because the babes have been so tiny, but they did well and I plan to go every year now. Maybe even make a cake next year:)

In other exciting news, James taught himself to swim! He has been practicing in the tub for a while now. We went to the Addison fountains and while there decided he would not only practice putting his head under, but teach himself(rather remarkeably) to swim under water! Go James

We had a lovely day there. Even took the dog:)

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