Monday, April 20, 2009


The boys(tinies) really like helping me cook. They do a pretty good job and we've been making meatballs lately. They help me mix the ingrediants(I've created a yummy recipe) and they form the balls. I cook them and then we all eat them. (This is a Jim approved meal so it will be on the rotation frequently as it is also easy and faily healthy as I use lean ground beaf.)
Last week we made them and I served them. Gavin gobbled his up and seemed qyuite pleased with them. James didn't take a single bite.

Mommy: "James I would like you to eat your meatballs so you're full."
James: "I really want to eat my meat balls but I can't."
Mommy: "Why not?"(sometimes there are cute answers to these questions, but I was unprepaired for this one:) )
James: "Well, my tummy really wants to, but my mouth doesn't and my mouth wins because it eats the food."

Hard to argue with that one:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

James' Appointment

The procedure is scheduled. We will drive to Houston on May 11 and spend the day entertaining James. On Tues at 7am we will check in to Children's Hospital for James procedure. Dr. Edmonds will sclerose the lymphatic malformation with OK 432 while James is sedated guided by ultrasound.
We know we will spend Tuesday night in the hospital, but hope all goes well and we are released on Wednesday.I'm hoping James has very minimal pain from the procedure. He has been getting labwork done and is very leery of needles now. :(

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The wish to fly

I can remember when I was about 3 or 4, riding a Spring Bouncing Pony(this probably dates me). At some point I launched myself over the top and felt like I was flying. It was wonderful!

For the past year or so James has been trying to fly. He has tried jumping off of the couch arm and flapping his arms, diving through the air on our bed and various other techniques.
This morning we were in the kitchen. I was asking them what they wanted for breakfast(they chose cereal), and as I poured the cereal James took the Apron off the refrigerator door.(Erika gave the Apron to me at Christmas and I have a thing for it:))
James tied it around his neck like a cape and climbed up onto the chair. He jumped off. After he jumped he looked at me with and accepting but dissappointed look.

James: "Well I guess I'll never fly"

Me: "You've been trying to fly for a while, haven't you?"

James(with the cute smirky~but innocent~, "duh Mom" look): "But I don't have feathers"

Me: "No you don't. But you could fly in an airplane"

James: "Or when I'm bigger I can jump out of a plane with a parachute"

Me: "...or you could use a hangglider and fly"

Oh, James...what a fun idea you've had. I'm kinda sad to see you accept the inability of humans to fly:( Good problem solving, though:)