Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flu or Swine Flu?

Gavin was stuffy lst night and looked a little under the weather. In the middle of the night he started coughing really loudly and crying. He seemed in pain but was not warm to the touch. I got up and started looking up symptoms for this nasty swine flu going around. there has been a confirmed case at James' elementary now and 4 deaths in Dallas County this month, so I've started to worry!
This morning he is running a low grade fever and still coughing. He doesn't seem to be in pain now, but the fever worries me:( Off to get lemons and lemon oil and a call to the Dr this morning!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Left out the MRI results

There was just too much to write in the last post and life is buss. Sorry this amazing news is late!
James was born with a lymphatic malformation previously called a cystic hygroma. He was part of a study for OK432 over the summer. James had another MRI a couple weeks ago.
We drove to Houston yesterday to see Dr. Edmonds for a follow up. We got the most amazing news...after 6 years(they found the mass during a sonogram while I was 28 weeks pregnant) of learning about Lymphatic malformations and 10 ENT's(with varying treatmant plans) James MRI shows NO sign of the mass!!! He had the OK432 injections twice this summer.
We were gearing up for a very dangerous surgery for the last 5 years...thankfully we found Dr. Bauer in Dallas who referred us to Dr. Edmonds last year. I cannot say enough about Dr. Edmonds. He is so caring and kind! We are thankful that we found him and learned surgery is not the only option and other sclerosing agents can have issues. James would have likely had paralysis and a huge scar...and now he is all better!
Dr. Edmonds says that he has not seen a recurrance in any child who has responed this well to treatment! We will go once a year for many years to come for a follow up MRI and results, but feel so good about the prognosis!
James definately has his smile back!
You can read more in previous posts on my blog.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fish, butterflies, and MRI's

We've had a busy couple of weeks. James is really liking kindergarten and doing well. He comes home happy each day.Gavin has adjusted well to having the days to himself. He keeps busy playing. He is so sweet at this age and some moments are too good not to post:
I was laying in bed a couple nights ago.
Gavin climbed up and said: Is there room for me?
Mommy: There's always rooms for Gavin. Let's have snuggle time.
Gavin: Let's have love time.
Mommy: Love time with Mommy and Gavin.
Gavin: I'll be back in a Jippy!
He dashed off and when he came back I said: That was a Jiffy(thinking he just misspoke:)
Gavin: It's Jippy, Mommy. That means fast.

We Spent labor day in DeLeon. The boys fished with Grandpa and Daddy and did a little diging with Granny. Uncle Simon and Missy were ther with Cade and Ryder so it was a great boy weekend:) James and Daddy caught a 21" fish!

Last week he lost a tooth while eating pizza and then the other after I got home from work. He was very excited but we fear the first tooth ended up in his belly.

We went to a butterfly exhibit with cousin Ellie and Aunt Erika on Sunday. The kids had so much fun chasing butterflies. There were some great photo's.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


On Tuesdays Jim works from home and has Daddy day. Stephania(our Nanny and wonderful family helper) comes 3 days a week and I am off on Thursdays. This week was the first week that James went to school full days so Gavin and Daddy delivered cigars together and then went and picked up James at 3.
I got these pictures sent to my phone throughout the day:) Cute!