Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life passes quickly

Mother~On this day 11 years ago you drove up to walk my sweet baby out after a night of prodromal labor. You arrived early on the morning of 6/21 and we walked together. Later that afternoon you drove home only to be called back My water broke with Gavin on 6/21 but no contractions, He wouldn't met my arms until  6/22.
That sweet baby is turning 11 tomorrow and it has been 6 1/2 years since you and I last touched (So long ago}. As I drove the boys to DeLeon, I thought of you and missed you so much I teared up. That doesn't happen often anymore, most thoughts are sweet and wistful but not heartbreaking.Gavin looked at me with that same sweet face he had those days into weeks into months those years ago when I missed you hard and deep and burst into tears daily. I told him he had been so sweet after you passed on and he said "She's in a better place, Mom", True`but so far away and far too long.
I miss you, Mom.  Life passed so quickly fro you.