Monday, August 04, 2008

A couple cute conversations

We took the boys to dinner at our FAV Mexican food restraunt(Marianno's)...mmmm. On the way to dinner Gavin said: "James, How many times have I told you not to spit?" (We must say this alot because he's been saying "How many times have I told you..." alot:))
James is very logical and frequently corrects his 3 year old brother.
James said: "Gavin you have never told me that"
While at dinner Gavin said he had to go potty. I decided to save myself a trip and take them both. Chances are good that they will both go and I'll be done with that adventure. About 5 minutes after we got back to the table Gavin says: " Mommy, I have to poo."
Mommy: "WE just went"
Gavin: "I really have to POOOOP(loud enough for several tables to hear)"
Mommy: "What will happen if you don't go?"
Gavin: "I will explode"
Needless to say we made a trip to the potty. Can't have any babies exploding.