Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Mom

My Mother has a bowel obstruction from scar tissue that formed around clips from her ovarian cancer surgery(and/ or possibly a reocuurance of ovarian cancer). She has been batttling ovarian cancer since 2004. Her Dr. in Austin has been treating her for another recurrance and has stated several times that the surgery will do nothing but treat the symptoms so she must have chemo before surgery. The symptoms from the obstruction nearly killed her last week(we thought it was the cancer). We'd had enough and I found a Dr in Dallas and moved her up here. She is now in Baylor after collapsing Friday night and becoming increasingly weak. They admitted her Friday and have kept her on IV fluids and potassium since.
My Mother is going to have a major bowel resection surgery this week. I do not know how long she will be in the hospital, but with her current weakened state and the chemo still in her body this will be a very hard surgery to recover from. She was very near death from medical mismanagement in Austin and we do feel hopeful and that this surgery is her best course of action at this point, but are very worried.
They will discontinue chemo until she has recovered from the surgery which could take months. She will not be strong enough to tolerate the chemo. The Dr will know more about the cancer situation when they operate.
Wow! What a rollercoaster. I have been crying bc my Mom was dying and now I'm angry bc she should have been treated and possibly well by now. I am not good with death, don't think there is anything to like about death. I have been immersed in what I thought was a death coming for the last couple months. I have lived and breathed my Mothers death and felt it! I am not sure we needed to do that. It seems this all could have been treated with a surgery(albeit a risky and horrible surgery but not death!). We are now hopeful for the first time in weeks. Every week I have watched my Mother getting worse...now I am hopeful she will get better!
Thank you for any thoughts and prayers you offer. We have been staying at the hospital most days and nights.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


James really likes to play games on the computer. He is very good and can even find them on his own. We are constantly amazed at his computer literacy(he is newly 5).
Today he really wants ot play although he has already played his v smile games and watched TV.
He has been bargaining:

James: Mommy can I please play a game on the computer.
Me: No, James. You've already played games.
James sits quetly for minute the says: If you let me play a game on the computer you can make me eat any vegetable. You can make me eat Broccoli. I don't like Broccoli.
Me: James you are so cute.(laughing)
James: Will you let me play a game because I'm so cute?
Me: No James, but you are very cute and funny.
James:Please. I'll promise to help you clean up. Will you let play a game if I help you clean up. Ugh, I'm trying everything I can think of!~(frustrated now)

The begging did not end here. No game for James tonight but he is very creative.