Wednesday, December 10, 2008


James really likes to play games on the computer. He is very good and can even find them on his own. We are constantly amazed at his computer literacy(he is newly 5).
Today he really wants ot play although he has already played his v smile games and watched TV.
He has been bargaining:

James: Mommy can I please play a game on the computer.
Me: No, James. You've already played games.
James sits quetly for minute the says: If you let me play a game on the computer you can make me eat any vegetable. You can make me eat Broccoli. I don't like Broccoli.
Me: James you are so cute.(laughing)
James: Will you let me play a game because I'm so cute?
Me: No James, but you are very cute and funny.
James:Please. I'll promise to help you clean up. Will you let play a game if I help you clean up. Ugh, I'm trying everything I can think of!~(frustrated now)

The begging did not end here. No game for James tonight but he is very creative.

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