Monday, December 17, 2007

A holiday Montage

A new low...I emailed our cards:(

I e-mailed my Holiday greeting this year. Does that make me a huge slacker? It is exactly what I planned to send, but I feel like I took the easy way out. it is.

Happy Holidays, 2007.

This year has flown by! Where does the time go? Hope you enjoyed the little slideshow of our year.

We have two grown sons, a newly four year old and a fun two year old. There is not enough time in our days.

Michael and Andrew are heading out into the wide world. They are wonderful helps with the younger two and really sweet boys. They are in the limbo of late adolescents that sometimes leave you without direction. Some direction will come to them this year and it will all make sense. They are both as handsome as ever!

James is a thoughtful and sweet boy. He is 4 and learning all there is to learn about bugs, lizards and such. Trips to the zoo are a common activity and the animals are much admired. He got some trains for his birthday (11/26) and his Daddy set up a permanent track on the boys train table, a never-ending joy. He looks just like his Daddy, except his eyes are blue instead of green.

And Gavin? Sweet baby Gavin, is not such a baby these days. He long ago decided he was the same age as James so any activity is a go for him. He is so cute with his dark skin and blue eyes. I think he is the spitting image of my Father. He can conquer any bookshelf, stairway, or table. He is the king of all chairs in our home. He is still a wonderful snuggler, though.

Please keep my Mom and Aunt in prayers as they both fight cancer. We lost Jim’s father and my sweet cousin this year. Their memories help us remember that life is fleeting and family is the most important. We hope this year brings joy to your hearts, peace in your soul and time with your families. There is never a moment that our family and friends are not in our thoughts!

Much love to you and yours,

The Txxx's
Jim, Amy, Michael, Andrew, James and Gavin

PS~Sorry this is in an e-mail and not on paper. Please feel free to print and hang:)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long time no blog

Wow~where'd a year go. I can't believe I've let this whole year slip by without posting?!?!

Gavin is 2 and apparently compelled to do hings by some higher being. Example: "I have to lock that door" he screaches as I ask why he is pushing my kitchen chair down the hall, or "I have to wash myyyy hands" as he pushes same chair across the kitchen.