Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remember When

This song is making me cry lately. I keep thinking of it and I feel so sad. Michael, my first baby, is so big. He is an adult with a girlfriend. He works,he is a talented lyricist and for the most part is wholely self sufficient.
He will likely never live in my home again(I know I should be proud of this...and believe me I am proud of him for this), but it makes me cry...sometimes more than others.
Andrew is on his own this year. He is in some ways even more "on his own" than Michael. He has a girlfriend and a job as well and is such a stable, healthy young man.
James is starting kindergarten this year. Gavin starts next year. I think that really brought this on. I remember when Michael and Andrew were tiny. They grew up overnight once they started school. I think I will cry the whole year!
Off they go...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


James scratched himself today. It was a small scratch but her really felt he needed a bandaid and since we have them right now(they are hard to come by in my home:(), he was adamant.
Often bandaids are used up within days of the box arriving so I am hesitant to start the bandaid brigade until there is a lot of blood. There wasn't, but I gave in.
James found them and opened one all by himself. He proudly announced "look, Mama. I put it on by myself."
Gavin: "I need a bandaid"
Mommy: "Gavin, we only use bandaids when we have an injury"
Gavin: "I do have an injury on my finger but you can't see it"
James: Gavin, you don't need a bandaid because that is not an injury!"
Gavin:"Yes, I do have an injury"
James : "No, Gavin"
Mommy: "James, just let him have one bandaid"
Gavin happily got the bandaid and had me hlep apply it.
James: "You only get one bandaid"
James is very focussed on rules, especially if they apply to Gavin.
About 2 minutes later, Gavin says: My finger doesn't feel hurted that much"
James: "It doesn't take that quick for the hurting to heal, Gavin!"

James neck looks great, btw! His swelling is completely gone. Just need to schedule the MRI to get the all clear{{fingers and toes are crossed}}