Sunday, July 19, 2009


James scratched himself today. It was a small scratch but her really felt he needed a bandaid and since we have them right now(they are hard to come by in my home:(), he was adamant.
Often bandaids are used up within days of the box arriving so I am hesitant to start the bandaid brigade until there is a lot of blood. There wasn't, but I gave in.
James found them and opened one all by himself. He proudly announced "look, Mama. I put it on by myself."
Gavin: "I need a bandaid"
Mommy: "Gavin, we only use bandaids when we have an injury"
Gavin: "I do have an injury on my finger but you can't see it"
James: Gavin, you don't need a bandaid because that is not an injury!"
Gavin:"Yes, I do have an injury"
James : "No, Gavin"
Mommy: "James, just let him have one bandaid"
Gavin happily got the bandaid and had me hlep apply it.
James: "You only get one bandaid"
James is very focussed on rules, especially if they apply to Gavin.
About 2 minutes later, Gavin says: My finger doesn't feel hurted that much"
James: "It doesn't take that quick for the hurting to heal, Gavin!"

James neck looks great, btw! His swelling is completely gone. Just need to schedule the MRI to get the all clear{{fingers and toes are crossed}}

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