Monday, April 20, 2009


The boys(tinies) really like helping me cook. They do a pretty good job and we've been making meatballs lately. They help me mix the ingrediants(I've created a yummy recipe) and they form the balls. I cook them and then we all eat them. (This is a Jim approved meal so it will be on the rotation frequently as it is also easy and faily healthy as I use lean ground beaf.)
Last week we made them and I served them. Gavin gobbled his up and seemed qyuite pleased with them. James didn't take a single bite.

Mommy: "James I would like you to eat your meatballs so you're full."
James: "I really want to eat my meat balls but I can't."
Mommy: "Why not?"(sometimes there are cute answers to these questions, but I was unprepaired for this one:) )
James: "Well, my tummy really wants to, but my mouth doesn't and my mouth wins because it eats the food."

Hard to argue with that one:)

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Sarah said...

I just love kid logic.