Sunday, July 13, 2008


My house is kid free tonight. James and Gavin are in Austin for VBS w/ my Mom until Friday. I'll go down to Austin Thursday morning and spend the night and we'll come home Friday evening.It is soooo quiet!
This morning Gavin told me "I will miss you" when he woke up. I'll miss them, too but will enjoy the adult time!
They both helped pack their bags. They each decided to take a backpack and stuffed a couple tings in them. James put an apple in his, but decided to take it out and eat it 5 minutes later. I need to tell my Mom to take the grapes out~they might get a little yucky.
I had dinner with Michael and his girlfriend, Erica. They picked me up from work and we went to Taco Diner. They decided to take me by Andrews girlfriend's(Zoia) new place on the way home. It was a nice visit w/ all.

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Amy said...

Hope you had a good's weird when they aren't around, huh? Let's get together soon!