Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A brag on me

For one minute I am going to indulge my ego. I have been waking up at 4:40am 3 times a week for nearly a month. This is in effort to return to my body I got back by breastfeeding round the clock. Once I stopped offering my breast every 15 minutes the ice cream and cookies started settling in my tummy and bum:( I am now a very lumpy size 8 and I was so happy to be a very svelte size 6 a year ago. I must return to non lumpy body IMMEDIATELY, so I conned some other Mommies into joining me in the 5:30am bootcamp class that Jay Johnson(trainer to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) offers. I was really starting to see some headway until I missed two classes after getting this terrible coughing virus. This is the final week. Please help me find the strength to got to the last class(it took some major mental hurdles today) and the courage to sign up again!!!

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