Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another illness and other cute things

Gavin has a terribly illness today.
Gavin: I am very sick, I need medicine(for some reason both of my children love pills and liquids:(, James loves Flax seed oil and vitamin E)
Mommy: I don't think you're sick. What is wrong with you?
Gavin: A bunny jumped in my tummy.

Later today Gavin brought me one lady bug slipper. James had taken both pair of fuzzy slippers out to the living room last night. Surprisingly(or not) they were left in the living room.
Gavin: Mommy I found one of your ladybug slippers.(he really does have great sentance structure and has since he was under 2)
Mommy: Oh you did? Where is the other one?
Gavin: I ablieve it is lost.
(I just think it's really cute he said "ablieve":))

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