Thursday, January 01, 2009

Update on my Mom

First of all let me say...Happy New Year. I cannot believe it is 2009! I resolve to be healthier, love more, and live more fully, etc...on to the update.

My Mom is out of the hospital. She is at my house right now but will spend time at my brothers in Frisco as well. We go to her oncologist on Wednesday and hopefully she will be starting chemo next week as well(she has an opening in her incision due to infection and we're trying to get it to heal properly before they start chemo). She is very weak but seems to get better each day. Today she ate more food than she has in months and is excited about it.She does have pain in her abdomin that we will ask her oncologist about. She is taking morphine.
We are learning how all this works. Today I have flushed her pic line w/ saline, injected heperin into her pic line, dressed incision and helped her change her iliostomy bag. All of this just to get her healthy enough to start the real fight against cancer.

Here is her Caringbridge site:

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