Friday, June 24, 2011

Gavin is 6

We had a little swim party for Gavin. I had an extreme Mommy fail with trying to adjust to my new job(aka working every flipping day of my life) and did not book a weekend party. Since Gavin's main concern was friends and swimming, I pulled it together in true WT fashion and we booked the patio/pool at J. Pepe's on Greenville. This may seem highly innapropriate to some, but rest assured it was heaven to me and the birthday boy. I invited my nonjudgemental friends and Gavin's friends parents to share in the delighful evening of sitting by the pool, drinking Margarita's and watching my 6 year old enjoy his swim party...and no clean up!
That night, on his very last night as a 5 year old, Gavin snuggled up on my shoulder and said "Do you like this snuggle or one of the others?"
I asked, "What are my other choices of snuggles?"
Gavin" The elbow snuggle, the tummy snuggle, or this is the arm snuggle"
We tried all three and settled on the good old arm snuggle. I hope we can keep trying them all! Always the original:)

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Jason M. Fitzmaurice said...

It is only a Parental fail if the party never happens, and the child is unhappy. Getting a great party arranged at the last minute, where the birthday boy, his friends, and their parents all have a great time is FAR from a fail.