Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm fine!

I guess I am now defined by being a Mom of four boys. It seems as unlikely to me as you reading this...but apparently is very possible.
I did have some sadness when I found out each of my last 3 were boys~but not about them being boys. It's really much deeper. It's the loss of what will not be...
I will miss frilly dresses and prom's and weddings. I will not watch a daughters belly grow with a baby that's part of me. I will miss things I have dreamed of with a daughter.
But, I'm fine! I have so much more. I have beautiful, healthy, fun and sweet boys. Boys are so sweet to their Mommies. I think there is a special "club" we Mom's of boys belong to.
I'll write about thoughts on being a Mom of boys, memories of things that struck me when I was pregnant with these boys, and things I think those who don't have boys should know. I hope this will find some interest, but mostly I hope to get some things out of my head and onto "paper"

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discolemonade said...

I have to say something about this. As fine as you are....I feel ya. When I was pregnant with Jordan and before I found out what she was....people were worried that I would be disappointed....I was so ok with it. Now, she did end up being a girl. But I have to share.

My MIL is a mom of boys. When I was pregnant I allowed her to be involved. At the last minute I asked her to be with me while I delivered Drew....her first grandchild. She sat on the sides.....but she was the first to see his face. Some of my friends don't get why I allowed her in the room. Why not? She deserved it as much as my mom. I know that was a defining moment in our relationship.

You are so blessed with a housefull of boys. I envy you some. Though I know my own blessings. Boys love you like no other. You will always be there first a sweet and innocent way.

Sorry to babble...just passionate about this. :)