Friday, May 26, 2006

Well intended...

So I was working with a customer at my store and she told me she just found out she's having a boy and there are no cute clothes for boys. I said, "Girls clothes are cuter, I have 4 boys."
Awwe...sorrow in her tone. Why is it that people feel sorry for me. I am so tired of it. I get those kind of well meaning sighs, comments, looks ALL the time!
I am okay~absolutely okay. Any feelings of loss that I had or may have are only going to be exacerbated by those types of comments. We are a girl happy country. Get over it!


Aly said...

Amy, as a mom of 3 girls I can SO relate! Especially people pity my DH liek he wanted boys, which is silly because he actually saw himself being a dad to girls... and he still pays sports with them and such. Between that and the "wow, the teenage years will be *real* bad" comments, I could just throw things ;)

Hope you don't mind me post here... saw the link and decided to stop in :)

Nicci said...

Hi Amy!
I found your blog on DAM. I love being able to keep up with you so I thought I'd post here in case you ever have time to keep up with me.
I think you are such an incredible person and mother and I'm so glad I was able to meet you (even though it seems like I met you in another lifetime!), but I consider you a "friend".
Your children are so blessed to have you. I was very disappointed when Nathan wasn't a girl. I was blessed with one and we constantly get comments like "Oh, a boy and a girl, you can stop now". People just don't think about how they might be offending someone else with their comments. So I'm not able to relate exactly, but I wanted to say that I think you are an incredible mom and your boys are so lucky to have you. You'll be the most awesome mother-in-law some day and you will watch a belly grow with a part of you in it--just a daughter-in-law! Do you have a great relationship with your mom? I think that is what I wanted most of all, was to have a daughter as a friend like my mom and I are (or even better), but watching my mom and my brother, I now understand their special relationship through my own son.