Thursday, June 15, 2006


What a month we've been having!
This is a busy month with Michael's graduation, Gavin's first birthday, and Michael's birthday. We definately didn't need any unexpected crisis'~but as usual, we got one!
Jim was running errands last Monday and at a stoplight. A car plowed~never applied brakes while going 50~into him. He is okay, but car accidents cause havoc in regular day to day lives. Our car is repairable, but has almost 9000 in damage. It will be out next week. IT's just so hard to fit everything in when working and caring for a family.
I'm so thankful that Jim is okay and that noone else was in the car. Life is so fleeting and this could have been so bad. The other driver did not fare as well.
Moving on to Birthday's!

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