Friday, June 16, 2006

:( Feeling blue

I'm feeling the one's creeping up. I can't believe my itty bitty baby boy is almost one. It's touching me a little deeper than I expected. With Michael graduating and Gavin turning one~the baby years are fading. I am even more in touch because Michael was my baby...and now he's all grown up. Where did the time go.
Childbirth, babies and breastfeeding have been so special to me. Magical moments in my life. I'm sad to see them go. It's so black and white now that Jim's had the Vas. No more babies:(
Here are a few pics of last year's miraculous moment in our lifetime:


Aly said...

My last baby just turned 1.. I feel a similar sadness to see this stage ending. I love how you put it to words so well.

masala dosti said...

Happy Birthday to your littlest one!!!!