Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Weekend at my parents

We went to my Dad's house in DeLeon Sunday, Monday and came home this afternoon. It was really nice. It's fun to be out in the middle of nowhere and have little or nothing to do.
watching James and Gavin play together now is so neat. They are so close in age that they will have similar interests. They have started to talk to eachother and play. Gavin is really moving around now and wants to be everywhere that James(or Andrew for that matter) is. Andrew is so sweet to both of them, but has a really special bond with Gavin. Michael was always a little closer to James. They are all such sweet boys.
I got some great photo's this weekend. I actually feel proud of some of the ones I took of James and Gavin and Andrew just looks really cute.
I'm missing Michael. He is so far away and has no desire to be with us right now. I know he'll come home eventually, but I really miss being his "Mom" full time.
Here are a couple shots from our trip.

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Aly said...

Sweet shots, your boys are adorable! I'm sorry you're missing your oldest son... I think I would be to. Mine are all close in age and I think when they start leaving I'll be really torn up about it. I think you're handling it really well overall.