Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monday I went with Mom to her appt to hear the results of the CT scan. She had chemo on Wed.

Mom looks good and is able to do almost everything as long as she takes breaks. She is seeing clients, shopping for herself, and driving back and forth to Dallas for her Dr. appt's, labs and chemo.

She is responding well to chemo. The nodules that fill her abdomen are shrinking and there is hope. I was surprised to hear how much cancer is in her abdomin and surrounding area's though. I was also extremely upset to hear that the cancer is in her lymph nodes, around her liver and her lungs and much more aggressive than I thought in December. There is just nothing good I can say about the cancer!

The Dr's believe it will be good to reverse the ostomy next month. It is hard to absorb nutrients and stay hydrated with an iliostomy. Dr. Mathews believes Mom is doing amazingly with it, but really feels better if it is reversed. Dr Tate will do a test next month to make sure the blockage is gone and then proceed with surgery a week later if all looks good. Mom is a bit nervous about having to recover from surgery again, but up for it.

The plan for now is to continue with chemo for as long as it is working. They will finish the 6 course treatment at 3 week intervals and then spread it out to every 4 weeks.

James and Gavin have really been concerned through this. I think it freaked James out when Mom was in the hospital.He saw how upset I was and could't dcide if it was because of my Mom or for her...poor sweetie. Gavin enjoyed using the leg massager's and climbing on the lounge chair.
She has been bringing treats up. Last time she brough some fruits and nuts in cute carrot containers. They told her that they liked candy better. This trip she brought gingerbread women cookies up. James said " I really wish they had candy on them" so she is going to look for candy eyes next time. Gavin and James spent time coloring and doing activity books with her this time.
They have both noticed her hair loss and each had a small reaction to it. James asked "Is that Noni with no hair?" Gavin just looked for a long time trying to digest if she truly was bald. Now they've moved past and seem to think it's just the way things are!


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