Thursday, August 06, 2009


James(and very recently Gavin) love to play computer games. James is really good at them and a single game can last way. too. long! If asked to remove himself from the game, crying and hysterics often insue.
I have discussed addiction with him. I have told him I am concerned that he has developed a computer game addiction and we may need to do an intervention(this is of course not serious~I know it's pretty normal child behavior).
I am very attached to my e-mail and to several boards on the computer. I check them frequently(okay...maybe he gets it from somewhere~hmmm...)
Yesterday I was on my e-mail.
James: How long are you going to be on your e-mail?
Mommy: A little bit longer
James: You know some people do have an addiction to e-mail. I think you might have an addiction.
Mommy: LMAO~James you are so funny!
James: It's true, Mommy. You are addicted to your e-mail.

Hmmm...I might need to try a different tactic:)

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