Thursday, August 06, 2009

Update on James

Have I mentioned how well James is healing! His jawline is so defined now...I am continuelly amazed by this sweet little boy! There is no sign at all of the mass that stormed into my life at 28 weeks gestation.
We were in the car the other day and James was talking about going to Galveston with my soon the be nephew, Cade~:)~
James stopped and said: We had to go there because I had to have surgery.
Cade: You had surgery?
James: Yes
Cade: Why did you have to have surgery?
James: I had a Malformation.

Simple as that. "I had a Malformation."
Sweet boy...if only you knew how long a road this has been! You did so great! We are proud of all you went through and most of it was just second nature to you!

WE are so Thankful to have found Dr. Edmonds!

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Marc said...

Hi there. Just found you blog. My 5 (almost 6 year old), Zachary, also has LM and Dr. Edmonds is our ENT as well. And you're right, we are SO pleased with him and blessed he is in our lives. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that there are more of us out here and I hope your son is doing well.
-- Marc (