Sunday, October 04, 2009

Snuggling and Raining

Today I am thinking of snuggling up in bed, watching movies, and doing a bunch of nothing. Notice I said "thinking of":). Each time I thik of this I offer it as an option to my almost 6 year old and 4.5 year never seems top of their list. Gavin is a great snuggler...but only for a few minutes and then he tells me "I'll be back in a Jippy(read backwards for more on Jippy)" and dashes off. He does come back(repeat up to 10 times before I get out of my bed), but it is not really relaxing to snuggle this way and watching anything without pausing is a ridiculous thought. Nonetheless, I do offer this as an option on rainy, yucky days like today.

Update to Swine Flu and James Lymphatic malformation: We are healthy and James neck looks super!( backwards for more)

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