Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Umm, Mommy...

...those underwear are really too small.

TMI to follow.

I was half naked in the kitchen(my belief is that it is my house and I can be half naked in my house so this happens often). I am not damaging my children...I am helping them to understand that very few women look like the Victoria Secret models and that is GREAT! (I would not mind being perfectly toned like those models but come on people I've had 4 babies and ...this is it :) )
I wear all sorts of undies. Some happen to be hanky panky thongs, and this is what was on my bum today.

James "Mommy, I found the remote and Um, those underwear really are too small for you"
Mommy "Some underwear are supposed to be this way"
James "Well they are pretty small"
Mommy "OK James, they are small"

We're all about the undie education here.


CNH said...

hahaha, thanks for the grin. That made my morning.

And FTR, you are NOT showing your boys what real women look like because your body is like 1000 times more beautiful than most of the world. :P

Pamela Hutchins said...

You are hilarious and I agree with CNH :)