Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last night I woke up crying. I wanted to get up that minute and write down my dream but instead I lay there thinking it though to help it stick in my memory. It did not:(
I remember we were all in a car and then when we opened the doors some how Mom was there, as if she'd been in the car but wasn't. It was perplexing in my dream but I went with it. Alot of great things (that I needed to remember) were in the dream. The one thing I can recall is that I said over and over "please don't die, Mom". This is what I wanted to say the whole time, but that's an awful heavy load and instead I said soothing things and "we love you". I wanted to scream NO, DON"T DIE!!!! but let her see calm and peace and love. (it is a good thing and I am glad that is what happened).
Next time I will get up at 5am and write down all those little details. Likely messages that I need. Darn, I've been waiting for another dream and now I can't remember:(

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