Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hey, Noni gave us those

Gavin and James spent the night at Aunt Erika's on Saturday. Their toothbrushes are still packed in the bags sitting in my car. James has an extra in his bath, but Gavin's was in my bathroom and it is in a cover given to them by my Mom when she was not sick. One of the summers they stayed with her and went to VBS, before her last year when she was too weak to have them.
I took the toothbrush into the boys bathroom and James saw it in the cover.
He looked excited and said "Hey, Noni gave us those"
I smiled. It is such a joy to hear him say these things. One of my biggest regrets is that they won't get to grow up with Noni. I'm so happy they have these memories and hope they last a lifetime.

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