Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmastime again

Having kids keeps you in the moment. For me Christmas is so busy and the last two have been consumed with my Mom's impending death, so I would like to buzz by and get to February. But, kids keep you present and focussed on the season.

The boys had a Christmas Shop at their school. they were both very excited and we gave a couple dollars to spend.

When I got home James was very excited. He ran to me with a gift in hand, a tiny ring with a purple stone. He exclaimed " I got this for you, Mommy." I of course ut it on.

Daddy said " And look what I got" It was a pen that said "BEST GRANDPA"

I laughed histerically, Jim did not. He's a party pooper!

We went for a drive around our neighborhood the next night. The boys love Christmas lights.

There is a neighbor a couple streets over who is always very festive. He had The nativity scene with the usual characters in the yard, but a Santa atood behind the manger. On the porch was a Mickey Mouse and other charachters.
Gavin exclaimed " Look Mommy, it's God and Mickey Mouse". Somehow even with my beliefs of acceptance of others beliefs, this just didn't seem to make sense. But to Gav it was perfect:)

And on this day last year:
It was one of the saddest days in a Dr's office ever. I thought the day they went over my belly for 20 minutes looking trying to determine if my baby would be ok was to be, but this topped it by far:( My sweet Mom tried so hard to make it ok, but it ended up so wrong.

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