Sunday, September 08, 2013

Missed Calls

On August first, I couldn't find my phone. I started looking for it at about 9:30. I "needed" to find it. It was my day off and the boys and I were home. Jim was still home as well.
About 30 minutes later I found my phone and noticed I had missed a call from Michael. I checked my voice mail and heard a strangers voice with loud sirens and screeching in the background. He said in a nervous but clear voice. "I am calling for Michael. He's been in an accident(he drives a scooter) and is being loaded into the ambulance."
I went numb. I tried to call his phone back but it went to voice mail.
I began frantically searching for clothing while holding my phone and repeating "Oh my God, Oh my God". I couldn't find anything to put on.
I still have no idea what I wore. I told the boys to put on shoes and Jim said something about going to the hospital and calling me, to which I replied simply, "I am going".
The boys and I drove. they asked if Michael was alright. I couldn't answer. I remember saying quietly "I don't know, but we'll be ok". It was as much for myself as them. I called Andrew and left a message. I called my sister and parents.
I knew he had been taking his girlfriend to work and going to work himself. I was worried about both of them and it seems cruel to make someone find a parking space in this state, I told the boys.

We made it to the ER and were taken to Michael. He was wearing just boxers and covered in blood. I walked into the room and around to the left side and noticed the giant hole in his arm. He was shaking from the pain, so I tried to hug him and he cried out. His body was raw from road rash but miracle of all miracles, his face and head were safe! I touched his hair the way I did when he was a baby.

He had to have surgery to repair missing bone and his wound on his arm. He was in the hospital for 3 days.It was a moment in time I never want to repeat but I am so thankful to have had that moment in time with him! Another reminder that every moment is so precious!

He is working to recover and we are now battling the other drivers insurance.

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