Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How time flies

Four years ago I was just starting what would be a very long and painful journey. We lost you four years ago today, Mom.How has it already been so long?
I sat and really thought about those last moments on the way home last night. I mostly think of you and smile these days but I miss you and the time we could still be having if cancer hadn't stolen you away. I miss how much you would have loved the boys shenanigans. Gavin is a daily joy and gives us cause to giggle so often. It would have been so fun for you.
James is still the kindest hearted boy and just as you said "classic". Michael and Andrew had so much time with you and I often think of them with you at the ages Gavin and James are. They have the best memories!
We've moved forward but not a day goes by that I do not feel you. I know you were ok the minute you closed your eyes that early morning. I am ok now, but wish you were still here. We loved you into the next life just as you loved us into this one!

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