Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 months...

This morning was 2 months. I find myself surprised to say that, not because it seems like time has flown but because I still am surprised to think of my Mother as gone.

I woke up to a beautiful day. I worked but it was fine. I felt really good today. The sun was out and it looks like Spring.

In the Fall of 2009, we decided to try to have an enjoyable day and chose to look at a home magazine one day. She had been in the hospital for almost a month and though still really ill, was bored. I talked about colors for my kitchen as we had just painted the hallway. We both thought blue would be lovely.

We had started remodeling our kitchen before Mom got sick again this year. In fact when she was here in October and had just found that the cancer was back, she made a point to come by and see the just started project when she was released from the hospital but headed back to Austin. She was excited.

It has been several months since I have done anything to my kitchen. I wanted Mom to see it finished and it just hasn't been time to start again.

We started shopping a couple weeks ago for the backsplash. I had planned to do it myself, but then thought maybe I would hire someone instead. Today just felt like a day to get it done!

We went with small slate tile sheets that have some metallic tones and greys/browns. I really like it with the black granite,blue paint and wood cabinets.I have not grouted yet but the tiles are up behind the sink wall and 1/2 way done over the stove. We are buying a stainless steel hood to go over the stove so have to mount it first. (Notice Mom's bread box repainted by Missy!)

Mother would have loved it!!!

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Kimmygintx said...

*HUGS* Lookin' good! LOVE the patterning on the bread box.