Friday, March 12, 2010


I have still been thinking alot about Mom. It is nearing two months since she died. The uncontrollable crying comes less frequently, but I cannot stop from wishing I could call her. I pick of the phone and think of her so often, and a brief moment of disbelief still creeps in.
I dreamed she was with me at a La Leche League meeting. It was such a fitting dream:)There wasn't any crying in this dream, just being.
Gavin and I had a sweet conversation which leads me to believe he truly thinks about the loss of his Noni. We were driving to the store, James was at school. There was an ambulance coming with it's sirens on.
Gavin:" The ambulance goes to help people when they are sick like Noni"
Me: "yes, but they couldn't help Noni could they?"
Gavin: "No. I hope Granny and Granpa don't die because...(he had something they were both the best at but I can't remember:( exactly what he went on about).
It hink he has been more thoughtful about it than anyone else in my home...very sweet from my busy 4 year old.

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