Sunday, October 03, 2010

Criss Cross Apple Sauce with no hands

We went to eat at my favorite Dallas Tex Mex Spot last night, Marianno's. We've frequented Marianno's since Michael and Andrew were little boys. James and Gavin refer to it as "the horsey restaurant because among other thigs, it has the old fashioned ride on horses.
Last night Gavin was ridig and he's become so comfortable that he does tricks. He was doind one when he slipped and hit right below is eye on the metal coin box. It was a terrible hit and he has an extremely swollen black eye. He had been in a cross legged position when I saw him slipping and hit.
In the car I asked what he was doing.
Gavin: I was doing criss cross apple sauce, no hands, pretend you're falling.
Mommy: But you really fell and hurt yourself.
Gavin: But the audience loved it.

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