Thursday, October 07, 2010

Moments in ordinary days

Today I have been working on the Silent Auction I am chairing for William Lipscomb PTA on 11/4. We have some great donations but I was following up and looking for more. (everyone reading this should plan to come to the auction;))
As I was walking around I saw a Yoga studio my Mom had attended when she would come visit. It was important to her and she really liked the person she saw there. I felt compelled to cross the street and drop off a donation.
It looked like it might be closed, but I trucked along and pulled the handle. It was empty, but a woman was sitting at the front putting on her shoes.
She said "Are you looking for___"
Me:" I'm actually just here to drop off a request for our Auction" I introduced myself.
She: "Oh well, then maybe it's me you're looking for. I'm Michelle."
Me: "I think it is." (Somehow I really felt I had been looking for her. I gave the info and she kindly agreed she'd donate)
Me:" I also wanted to tell you that my Mother used to come here and she really enjoyed it."
Michelle asked my Mothers name and said she knew exactly who she was and really loved her. We talked about her passing and she had heard, she said she'd been so surprised.  She asked how I was. I said "ok" but then as we talked I teared up. She hugged me and said she was so glad I'd told her who I was. That I was so lucky to have had Lynn as my Mother, that she was such a powerful person.
I needed to hear that and feel my Mother today.
I do feel so lucky because I felt so connected to my Mom. Not because my Mom was perfect, she was far from it and we did not have a "perfect" or "fluffy" relationship. She was real and taught me to be real. I knew she loved me and that was perfect! She was so available to me and I miss her support!!!
Tomorrow is my birthday. She grew me and nurtured me and loved me. Tomorrow was important to her.
I miss her this month. This month is big for us. I
I also miss her this month because it is big for me. My kids are big for me and James' mass is back. It's very worrisome and dissapointing. We had hoped it was gone...miracles seemed to be happening the summer we went to Houston. My Mom and Dad/Stepmom were so supportive, I will miss calling Mom for this.

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