Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shake all those cares away

I don't care! I have always been a person who cared very much about "appearances". I can quickly turn from spitting mad to a smile, because I am private and don't want people to know that there is anyhting less than perfection in my life;) I spend a whole day cleaning before anyone come over, etc. This has manifested itself in over a year of of having noone over to my home.
We have a very old home(1915 Craftsman) and it requires constant work. Add to that the fact that we are not good at completing projects(some of us worse than others) efore starting a new one and I am too frugal...err...cheap, to pay someone to do things we can do ourselves. T/hen top that all off with a terminally ill mother living in my home off and on for ove a year before she passed away leavin me numb and unable to think of completing ANYTHING.
Well, I have decided to invite a couple people over, half-done projects and all and I won't e ome to clean the whole day because I'm working.  I just don't care!! I am not perfect and my home is FAR from perfect but I can drink a glass of wine and say "excuse the mess until my kids are grown!" Say a tiny prayer that I can keep this attitude through Saturday.

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