Monday, June 23, 2008


Two nights ago I was particularly frustrated with Gavin. Gavin is very busy and must occupy himself with things other than toys at all times. Sometimes this is quite nervewracking.

Gavin walked up to Jim while I was discussing my frustrations and handed him a drawing.

Daddy: "What a nice horse you drew"

Gavin: "it's a Bamo"

Daddy: "A Bama??"

Gavin "No Daddy, I already told you. It's a Bamo"

Daddy: "What is a Bamo?'

Gavin: "Bamo's live on Earf"

Daddy: "Oh on Earth"

Gavin: No Daddy, EARF"

Mommy giggles and feels guilty for forgeting this is a 2(almost 3) year old.


Holly said...

How Cute!!

Dawn Endres said...

LOL! Too Cute!

What's A Bamo? Did you ever find out? hehe!

Amy said...

I still have no clue what a Bamo is. I'm sure he knows, though:)