Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Will you unbuckle me

James knows how to buckle and unbuckle his carseat now. Gavin believes him to be the boy who hung the moon~sweet brothers:)
Yesterday we went to Joes crab shack, not because we like Joe's, but they have the best lure for parents. They have a full outdoor playscape, complete with messy sand, connected to the patio. Hello Margarita's and no babysitter fee's.
When we arrived home Gavin asked James "Will you unbuckle me". I was listening to them as I talked to my Mom on the phone and heard James say "Okay, Gavin. This one time, but never again." Daddy says this to James about almost everything, he's teasing James. I think James may have been serious~LOL!

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CNH said...

Oh yes, we adore Joe's! Nothing so wonderful as watching them play, having a frosty drink, and enjoying some adult conversation (without the constant interruptions). Last time Dave had to carry a kicking and screaming Noah to the van. He didn't want to leave! LOL