Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time out

(Gavin pouring water on living room floor)

Daddy: Gavin why are you doing that?

(Gavin does not reply)

Daddy: Gavin you are going to sit in time out. You can get out when you tell me why you are in time out.

(this is not the method Daddy and I have discussed, ie: tell them why they are going to TO, give them a time limit, ask them to tell you why they went to time out and apologize, let them out...but that's not the point of this post:))

Gavin climbs around... in the chair for a couple seconds then Daddy asks: Gavin why are you in time out?

Gavin:I'm in time out because Daddy put me in time out.

(Mommy tries to contain laughter)


Teri said...

That is priceless!

Helen said...

That is too, too funny!