Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ramen Noodles will get you through

I ordered some yummy CPK goat cheese and pepper pizza. Jim had his usal BLT pizza and the tiny boys were sharing mine. Mine had eggplants and James did not want to try them. He says he doesn't like them.

Me: What will you do if you go to another country and have to try new foods

James: I will take Ramen Noodles

Apparently Michael and Andrew have shared a few too many. I personally don't consider Ramen Noodles a food item, but teens and toddlers love them:)

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Amy said...

I do believe Ian ate two packages at lunch because he didn't want the sushi I made then one at dinner because he didn't want the beef tips that I made..bleh, I am pretty sure there is no nutritional value in, I get the ones with the dried veggies :)