Friday, August 13, 2010



This series entitled "The Long Goodbye" was sent to me months ago, but I am finding it so helpful again.Tonight  I am reading "Hamlet's Nt Depressed, He's Grieving.
"After my mother died, I felt that abruptly, amid the chaos that is daily life, I had arrived at a terrible, insistent truth about the impermanence of the everyday. Everything seemed exhausting. Nothing seemed important. C.S. Lewis has a great passage about the laziness of grief, how it made him not want to shave or answer letters. At one point during that first month, I did not wash my hair for 10 days."

"Grief is a bad moon, a sleeper wave. It's like having an inner combatant, a saboteur who, at the slightest change in the sunlight, or at the first notes of a jingle for a dog food commercial, will flick the memory switch, bringing tears to your eyes. "

I did not write these lines, but they are so very much mine!

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