Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming and such

We went swimming with a friend today. She has a little boy who is 5 and they swam and played while we talked. It was a quick afternoon, but lovely. The boys can't stop talking about how fun it was. James in particular loved it bc the other little boys is a really good swimmer and James thought that was so fun! They had the pool practically to themselves until three older teen, young twentish girls came. They are lifeguards and were very sweet to play with the boys. My GF and I think they boys were doing a tiny bit of early flirting.

After swimming I had watering duty at the school. We have some newly planted tree's and vines we are keeping alive for the summer months. I was watering and my brother, Forest, walked up. He is working on the production that's being filmed down the street and base camp is at the school. I haven't seen much of him and it was good to see him.

Mom's owl is in the shed at the school, I noticed it when I was getting the hose out so I pointed it out as he helped us put the hose away. I gave it to the Garden so it would go to good use. Just another reminder of her today.

Not that I really need reminders. I think of her pretty often lately. I was thinking tonight of her saying "James is just a classic little boy". I was thinking of her saying that and then wondering what he will be like when he is a young man. Makes me so sad that she will miss seeing that:(

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